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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve tried calling a few times but nobody answers. Are you guys out of business?

No. When a car arrives, we give it our full attention.  Mapping requires a lot of concentration so we don’t answer the phone; customers pay for that time and we have to respect that.  Contact us with your query and we’ll get back to you.  It’s best to also leave an evening contact number, too.


Do you map my type of ECU?

We mainly specialise in Porsche and BMW factory fitted ECUs. If you have anything else, please contact us first.


What should I consider and check before I book?

Consider anything that could potentially cause problems with the mapping process, such as whether you are getting full throttle, not having enough fuel (it’s wise to bring more than you need, just in case), adequate fuel supply from the pump, bad tyres, bent/loose wheels, no engine/gearbox/diff oil, prop shaft joints or other faulty drive train components, inadequate cooling, wheel geometry… you get the idea.  ‘Full wet’ racing tyres and knobbly off-road tyres are not suitable to run on the rolling road.

Your car needs to be in a fit state to be run at full throttle and high speed in order to map it correctly.


How much time do I need to book?

We’ve put a table of typical timings on our before you book page, so please take a look there before booking.  These are examples only; any additional time spent on the car (if there is time available) will be charged separately.


My car has fluid leaks. Can I still get it mapped?

No. It can be dangerous to map a car that has fluid leaks of any sort.  Please fix them before you arrive.  You don’t want a burnt out car and we don’t want to burn our building down.  It’s much easier to remedy a leak than to replace a car. The cost of cleaning up dropped fluid is charged to the customer.


The ‘check engine’ light is on/it has fault codes – can I still get it mapped?

That depends. If you know why it’s on and you expect it to be on (such as you’ve removed the catalyst for Motorsport use) then you’re probably OK if that is the only reason for the MIL lamp being on. If you don’t know why it’s on, definitely get it checked and fixed before booking in to avoid disappointment.


How do I know if my ride height is high enough?

You can use this magic calculator to tell you what your minimum ride height must be based on your tyre diameter.  Nothing on the car, including the exhaust, anti-roll bars etc can be lower than this height for at least 800mm in front and behind the driven wheels.

My ride height isn’t high enough. What can I do?

If you have the room under your arches to fit tyres with a larger outside diameter, you should consider doing so, because that is the easiest way to resolve the problem.  If you have adjustable suspension, raising the ride height would be the next best option.  Use the calculator above to see what works best for you.


I would like my car to ‘pop and bang’ on the overrun.  Do you offer this service?

No, we do a professional job. Catalyst, silencer and serious engine damage can be the result of this pointless stupidity so if you’re in any doubt, the answer is no, no and hell no.


Can I come into the dyno room and watch you?

Whilst we appreciate that our customers are extremely enthusiastic about their cars, we respectfully ask that they remain in the waiting room for three main reasons:  primarily, your safety; secondly, our insurance conditions require it and also importantly, the distraction of answering questions interrupts the concentration that is required when mapping the car.  The waiting room has a very large window into the dyno room and the dyno display is also visible from a monitor in the waiting room. There’ll be opportunities to ask questions on tea breaks, so don’t worry.


Do you offer refunds?

Refunds are no problem up to 48 hours before the booking date. After that point it is unlikely that we will fill the slot that was allocated to you at such short notice.  If you are in ANY doubt as to whether your car will be ready, then please don’t buy the mapping time as it will cost you money if it isn’t fit to do on the day.

No refunds will be given once you are into your booking time.  For example, if you have booked 5 hours, we commit that 5 hours to your car.  If after just an hour it becomes apparent that your car is not in a fit state to continue, then we cannot refund the unused time because we commit the time specifically to you when you book it.  An equipment failure on our part would obviously be ‘on us.’


What happens if my car has a failure when running on the dyno?

You are expected to bring your car in a fit state to be run under full load, up to the maximum rpm and at high speed. We didn’t build your car so we can’t be responsible for the standard of the build or the suitability of the components used in the build. Should it fail, no responsibility will be accepted by us for the failure.