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E30 M3 with BMW Motorsport ECU4a ECU Mapped by Chipwizards
E30 M3 with BMW Motorsport ECU4a ECU Mapped by Chipwizards

What we do

Chipwizards specialise in mapping older Porsche and BMW OE ECUs for both competition use and for improved road driving quality and performance. We also map other makes such as PSA-group cars, VAG etc. If your car manufacturer isn’t any of the above, we may still do it; please contact us if you’ve got something other than a Porsche or BMW with the original ECU still fitted. The ‘contact us’ is for booking enquiries only; it isn’t there for build advice – for build questions, ask your engine builder.

We map all popular, professionally made and supported motorsport or ‘stand alone’ ECUs, including (but not limited to) DTA, Motec, Life Racing, Syvecs, Emerald, Nira, Omex, Magneti Marelli, GEMS, EFI Technology, ECU Master, etc. We can also map most of the older ‘oddities’ that very few other tuners can do – systems such as BMWs ECU 4a and ECU 6a, Zytec, Race Technologies etc. If your touring or GT car has a ‘high-end’ system from the 80’s or 90’s that the software may not be available for, it’s very likely that we will still be able to do it.

We no longer map any diesel engines. We do not do ‘Megasquirt’ or any of its derivatives because they are designed to be learning tools and are not manufacturer supported.

Making a Booking

We employ a booking system whereby choose a date and a block of time sufficient to map your car.  It’s an easy process that only takes a minute or two but you MUST fully read and understand the terms, otherwise it’s possible you will be out of pocket later if you don’t.

We very strongly advise that you do not book dyno time for a car that is not finished and ready to go. Experience has taught us that imposing a deadline upon yourself automatically engages ‘Sod’s Law’ and things will go wrong, meaning that you’ll either not make it to us for the booking you’ve made, or not make it with a car in a suitably fit state to tune. Only bookings cancelled over 72 hours in advance can be credited. When you book, you commit to buying the slot of time, so if in any doubt, DON’T book the time.

Our booking terms are intended ABSOLUTELY to save you from wasting your money by wasting time for both of us.

TWR Rover with early Zytek ECU mapped by Chipwizards

How Much Time Do You Need to Book?

Well, that depends upon how complex your particular engine is, how effective it’s cooling systems are and whether there are any faults or problems to be dealt with along the way. A simple N/A engine with no faults, a single throttle, adequate cooling capacity, fixed cam timing and with an ECU which is fast to map, like DTA, can sometimes be done in as little as three hours. However, a throttle-bodied (which need balancing), multiple-VVT engine with traction control, paddle-shift and lots of things that need to be configured and calibrated can take several days. If in doubt, contact us before making a booking.

It is very wise to make sure your engine at least runs before you bring it, because non-runners are very much an unknown quantity and it can often take some considerable time to find the cause, which ultimately costs you time and money. Having a running engine also allows you to check for oil, water and vacuum leaks, any of which may cause the mapping job to be stopped before completion and subsequent additional cost to you.

It is VITAL that you book sufficient time to complete your job, otherwise your time could run out before the job is completed, requiring you to re-book. The working day ends at 6pm, whether your car is finished or not. The following day is likely to be booked to another job, so make sure you book sufficient time to complete your job, that you arrive on time and are ready to go when you do.

Some typical FAULT-FREE examples of how long things usually take are in the table below.

For all turbo/supercharger converted cars on OE ECUs add at least two hours for file restructuring.

Manufacturer Models Duration
968, 993, 964 C2, 3.2 Carerra
3.5 hours
964, 993, 996 and 997 C4 (extra time required to deal with the 4wd)
4 hours
996 C2, 986, 997 C2, 987
4 hours
E46 M3/S54
4.5 hours
E36 M3 3.0 (both DME and Vanos ECUs mapped)
6 hours
E36 M3 3.2 evo
4.5 hours
BMW E30 M3 (stock)
3.5 hours
E30 M3 (Alpha-N)
5.5 hours
Saxo/106 16v (inc cam timing optimisation)
4 hours
Saxo/106 with ITBs (extra time for balancing etc)
5 hours
Look at what you could have lost... Super, Smashing, Great. Better fix those leaks first eh?

What's required of you?

You must bring your car in a suitably fit state to be run under load and at high revs for a period of time.  Fluid leaks are a fire risk, so make sure it doesn’t leak. Cooling is important, so make sure that’s all working properly and is correctly bled.

There needs to be no unexpected fault codes; fault codes are your friend. They save you time and money by not having a wasted journey for a tune if it can’t be done because of a fault that you could have fixed beforehand. We can’t tune faulty cars.

If, for example, you’ve removed your stock MAF to fit an airbox then it can be expected to have codes for MAF and sometimes the Air Temp sensor. ‘Expected’ faults are, of course, acceptable.  However, fault codes with no absolute reason for being must have their cause remedied, not just deleted in hope. Cars with faults will be rejected and no refunds will be given for the wasted time.

Your car also needs to actually fit inside the dyno cell and on the rolling road itself so it needs to be less than 7 feet tall and there must be enough ground clearance around the wheels for it to actually fit on the rollers.

There is a ride height calculator on the FAQ page, which we encourage you to read. It doesn’t take long, and it’ll save you time in the long run.

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