Engine Mapping

What we do

At Chipwizards we mainly specialise in mapping older Porsche and BMW OE ECUs for both competition use and for improved road driving quality and performance.  We also map all popular, professionally made and supported motorsport or ‘stand alone’ ECUs, including (but not limited to) DTA, Motec, Life Racing, Syvecs, SCS Delta, Emerald, Nira, MBE, Omex, Magneti Marelli, GEMS, EFI Technology, ECU Master, etc.If your ECU manufacturer isn’t any of the above, we may still be able to do it; please contact us if you’ve got something other than a Porsche or BMW with the original ECU still fitted. The ‘contact us’ is for booking enquiries only; it isn’t there for build advice – for build questions, ask your engine builder.

 We can also map most of the older ‘oddities’ that very few other tuners can do – systems such as BMWs ECU 4a and ECU 6a, Zytec, Race Technologies etc. If your touring or GT car has a ‘high-end’ system from the 80’s or 90’s that the software may no longer be available for, it’s very likely that we will still be able to do it.

We no longer map any diesel engines. We do not map ‘Megasquirt’ or any of its derivatives because they are designed to be learning tools and are not fully manufacturer supported.

Porsche 964 'retro' style, mapped by Chipwizards
E30 M3 with BMW Motorsport ECU4a - ECU mapped by Chipwizards

If you are considering using our services, please read the ‘before you book‘ and ‘FAQ‘ pages as they contain important information that could save you time and money.